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Christopher Marroquin

Design & Marketing


+52 33-1006 8869


About me

With 16 years of experience in design, digital marketing and advertising strategies, I have proven creativity in design, writing and advertising production. My deep knowledge of digital trends and social networks has made me a project manager, with advanced skills in specialized software. In addition, I have outstanding communication skills to present creative proposals successfully. My strong commitment to continuous learning allows me to stay current in an ever-changing market, providing accurate and up-to-date information to clients. My demonstrated ability to achieve sales objectives through specific strategies has allowed me to promote products suitable for each type of customer, establishing solid relationships with frequent customers and ensuring their loyalty and return.




July 2006- 2022

July 2010- 2022

July 2010- 2022

Creative Content Designer

Mexican Diversity Sports Federation


Created and managed multimedia content, including images, videos and motion graphics. Developed visual content strategies that increased online engagement by 45%. Designed promotional materials for key events, resulting in a 30% increase in attendance. I adapted designs for multiple platforms, maintaining brand consistency.

Graphic Designer and Marketing Strategist



Led graphic design and marketing strategy projects, ensuring effective brand consistency across all materials. I generated creative concepts that resulted in the commercial consolidation of the product and audience participation in advertising campaigns. Developed and managed creative content strategies that increased online visibility. Collaborated with sales and marketing teams to develop successful campaigns that generated positive ROI.

Teacher (Marketing, Business, Advertising among others)

UTEG University Center

As a committed, wise and capable marketing professor. Through his research, experience and teaching  he has developed a strong reputation among his students and colleagues. 




UdeG · Master in Marketing Management 2012-2014


Focused on the management of marketing areas, this degree complements management skills and knowledge to respond intelligently, creatively and successfully to the rapid changes in the global market. UdeG ·


Bachelor's Degree in Sociology 2001-2005


Assessment of the complexity and diversity of social situations, developing an intercultural understanding of the world and applying theory to society's organizations.


Exceptional Creativity in Design, Writing and Production of Visual Content

In-depth Knowledge of Trends in Digital Advertising and Social Media Marketing

Generation of Creative Ideas and Development of Innovative Strategies.

Production of High Quality Content for Digital and Traditional Media

Experience in Project Management and Teamwork.

Skills in Photographic Retouching and Advanced Photocomposition.

Competition on Digital Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Google

Effective Communication, Presentation of Creative Proposals and Analysis of Results.


Business management


Attention to detail


Behavior Management


Customer service


Exceptional Interpersonal Communications


Highly Effective Communication


Reliability Positive Attitude


Connection with Clients




Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Animated Character Logic Pro

Final Cut Pro

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